Wire Ropes

Smaller Size Ropes (6*7 Group)

These ropes are the simplest ropes and are very rugged and stiff in nature. They offer high resistance to crushing and corrosion. These constructions have limitations in sizes of ropes(usually thinner).

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General Engineering Wire Ropes (6*19 & 6*37 Group)

6*19: Most widely used ropes having flexibility & resistance to abrasive wear particularly over sheaves. 6*37: This group has large number of wires in each strand offering highest flexibility & resistance to bending fatigue and shock loads

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Rotation Resistant Wire Ropes (18*7, 34*7 Group)

These ropes are made with many layers of strands contra laid over one another to equalize the opposing torques in various layers in strands. These ropes do not rotate under the load. Due care must be take while handling these ropes because they very easily kink.

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Elevator Ropes(8*19, 8*25, 8*36 Group)

These ropes come only with Sisal fiber core and are made from low tensile grade steel as the application calls from severe reverse bending. Gives high resistance to shock load and vibration.

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Miscellaneous Ropes (SS Ropes)

SS Ropes are rust resistant widely used in chemical plants and decorative purposes.

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Miscellaneous Ropes (PVC Coated Ropes)

PVC Coated ropes are steel ropes insulated with PVC. Widely used for submersible purposes and in many other applications.