Wire Rope fittings

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Bulldog Grips

Also known as wire rope clamp. These clamps are used to grip the rope.

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When the wire rope is terminated with a loop, there is a risk that it will bend too tightly, especially when the loop is connected to a device that spreads the load over a relatively small area. A thimble can be installed inside the loop to preserve the natural shape of the loop, and protect the cable from pinching and abrading on the inside of the loop. The use of thimbles in loops is industry best practice. The thimble prevents the load from coming into direct contact with the wires.

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These ferrules are designed for application with our CLAMP hand swaging pliers (or hydraulic swaging presses if preferred) to galvanized steel wire rope. Depending on the duty requirements they can also be used with solid galvanized wire.

See Safety Warning below.

Ferrule sizes available: 1.5mm to 6.4mm wire rope diameter.

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Turn Buckles (or) Stretching Screws

Turn Buckles offered by us are made using advanced technology and latest machinery. These Turn Buckles are used in the household electrical appliances. Moreover, our professional team manufactures these products using high quality stainless steel as a raw material. Turn Buckle are available in the different patterns, shapes and sizes. We offer our products to the clients at genuine prices and within the promised time frame.
Surface Treatment: Precision Polished
High tensile strength
Dimensional accuracy

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Spelter Sockets

Manufactured from molten zinc. Used on boom pendants, guylines, raising lines, backstays, lifting bridles and more. Design factor of five used to establish rated capacities