Lifting Slings

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Wire Rope Slings

A wire rope sling is only as good as its end termination. To produce a safe and reliable wire rope sling involves more than just 'having a press', a length of wire rope and fittings. We have an impeccable safety record. Its testing equipment is approved by the Inspector of Factories, Director General and Chief Inspector Dock Safety for conduction load tests by a certified competent person. The slings meet local and international performance standards and can custom and design a sling to suite applications with professionals having a sound technical expertise

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Chain Slings

Chain slings used for overhead lifting applications must be manufactured from alloy steel. Alloy chain, commonly 8600 series alloy, is subjected to quality control techniques surpassing those applied to lower grades of chain and is designed, approved and specifically recommended for overhead lifting. Alloy steel chains possess the strength, chemical content and mechanical properties necessary to meet government and industry standards. These specifications prescribe minimum elongation values, minimum proof test values, recommended working load limits and minimum statistical breaking strengths. Alloy chain can be distinguished from other popular grades of welded chain through its hallmark, or identification code, which is embossed into chain links approximately every 12" to 18". Grade 80 (or System 8) is the most frequently used alloy chain and carries a hallmark similar to Campbell Chain Company's "CA8" or "C8".

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Webbing Slings

We stock Webbing Slings & Round Slings from 1 tonne up to 5 tonnes including lifting slings in extra wear resistant Techlon. Round Slings are lightweight lifting slings. Tecni-Lift Polyester Round Slings are less likely to scratch or damage the load & have excellent elongation properties. A Round Sling is suitable for use in choker, vertical & basket hitches.

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Ratchet Lashing Assembly

The Ratchet Lashing system is used for securing cargo while transporting, shifting or storage. It is a modern, light weight and thoroughly reliable method of securing all types of load across an entire spectrum of requirements. It offers significant advantages over any other securing system. Ratchet Lashing is a Reusable, Cost effective tie-down using polyester webbing & Ratchet Buckle and has replaced ropes, chains and wires used for transportation.. The Ratchet Buckle provides the tensioning force. The tension is uniform and locking mechanism ensures that the tension is retained till it is unlocked.

This Ensures complete locking of strap in position and also provides unlocking mechanism which is safe and fast. Polyester Webbing has the least of elongation (less than 7 %) and is soft and safe to use.